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Unique to Winchester, this thoroughly modern and newly designed space on the high street has been undertaken with the idea of presenting an enjoyable space to work. Somewhere you look forward to going to work in the morning. You no longer need to take on a big expensive commitment in order to enjoy the space in which you spend most of your waking hours. We have different options on offer, all with a short term commitment and specified to a high standard.

107 High Street is located opposite the Buttercross, in the heart of Winchester’s vibrant high street. Our offices at the front of 107 have magnificent views of the Buttercross and the high street, our quieter offices at the back of the building have roof top views towards out towards St. Georges street. You can select what aspects are most important for you, be it size, shape privacy or high street views.
We had a variety of sizes on offer, fully serviced and will be available at different stages during our renovation however we will prioritise which offices get renovated first based on your time frame.

Services Offices Availability

Office no.                                     Max. occupancy                 Size (Msq)                                  Price per month/availability

1, first floor                                               6                                 16.8                                                            Let

2, first floor                                             12                                 24.3                                                           Let

3, first floor                                             14                                 32.1                                     £1,550 (1 month to completion)

4, first floor                                              5                                  12.5                                                             Let

5, first floor                                              5                                  14.6                                                             Let

6, first floor                                             10                                 22.4                       Co-working. 4 desks available @ £300 per desk

7, second floor                                         5                                  10.3                                                            Let

8, second floor                                         7                                  20.5                                                            Let

9, second floor                                         8                                  19.2                                   £1,200 (1 month to completion)

10, second floor                                      12                                 22.3                                                        £1,350

11, second floor                                      10                                 19.5                                     £800 (1 month to completion)